This page houses my notable and/or potentially useful completed software projects. For each item, the title, programming language, date of completion, and a short description is given. Some projects are also mirrored at my GitHub page. Unless otherwise noted, all projects are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Web development
Modified Suicide Fantasy Football League

A dynamic, database-driven, modified suicide fantasy football league website, created in 2008, in which players are only penalized instead of being eliminated after choosing a losing team. Uses HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL to deliver web pages that allow users to join and participate in the league, and administrators to add/edit/remove users, update game scores, and otherwise administer the site. I designed the backend of the site and wrote/edited/approved 90% of the code. Initial concept, layout, and all other code by the site's coauthor.

Microsoft Office
Access databases

All databases are normalized, and SQL standards-compliant.

Excel spreadsheets
MS Computer Science
Problem Report
Portable Software
Computer System Concepts
Introduction to Algorithms
Introduction to Programming/Data Structures